Hello which only the Kyoto Sangyo University graduate. How are you?
We are class reunion Ishikawa branches. It is one of the most active branches also in a national class reunion. 1500 schoolmates are in Ishikawa Prefecture. A one-time general meeting and active activity are performed for the year. By all means, please participate. katt is managing this homepage. It was inaugurated in 2001. A head of a branch office is kirakuyosinobu.
The report which we are sending to you in autumn every year is put up. Let's talk with "everybody's bulletin board". The aid mail wish is carried out to an officer kind to. It is the greeting from this editor of HP. A future theme is "a class reunion which participates". Two new enterprises were tackled last year. One is participation to the confrontation golf convention of the national university alumnus meeting which exists in the prefecture. Although bitterness of life was suffered as the formidable enemy partner who sits in a row last year, higher rank winning a prize is aimed at this year. Incidentally, if the victory is won, a school song can be sung by the commendation ceremony. Moreover, although many marathon and ekiden conventions were held in various places, it will be said that a class reunion will also participate and it participated in the Ishikawa cold-resistance championship (Kanazawacastle circumference course) held in Kanazawa on new year January 1.                           
The convention of a start has participation of 289 teams and 1156 persons at 7:45 early morning, and my four new teams also fastened and carried out brilliant complete running of the headband with a team name. In addition, clubs, such as skiing and fishing, are due to be launched. since I am waiting by the first person size welcome -- how and you -- please participate decisively I am waiting for mail. It is to home commingday (2002-11-2) this year
.The feeling of wanting to visit alma mater Kyoto Sangyo University became actual by the participation to home commingday of three years ago. It visited the alma mater in the Kamiyama festival session by two large-sized bus, Mr. Reiji Matsumoto's lecture was listened to in the Kamiyama hall, and surprise was felt for the relation by Mr. Araki Syunma having been one of the starting points of space warfare warship Yamato or the Galaxy railroad 999. However, it was very regrettable that a lecture was not able to be listened to to the last due to a meeting time. In the examination in a branch meeting of officers, it was in agreement by the opinion that it will visit an alma mater once again, and the participation to home commingday and the Kamiyama festival was set to one of the business plans of the Ishikawa branch this year. I have much of your participation. Guidance of the general meeting in the Heisei 15 fiscal year It is a holding schedule this year by the APA hotel (Kanazawa station west entrance) and the 14th floor lounge charter of the best. http://www.apa.co.jp/hotel/hotelkanaeki.html - Time; Sat., November 15 17:00 - place: Before an APA hotel Kanazawa station 1-9-28, Hirooka, Kanazawa-shi and 14 floor 456 room - fee; 7,000 yen - Hold an enterprise report, an accounting report, etc. in a general meeting. - Please announce the reply of attendance and absence by the enclosed postcard or mail. - The Kamiyama festival tour which won popularity last year schedules holding for 2005 next time.